The history of custom tape in the uk

Custom tape

Printed tape is supplied by our sister company PRINTED TAPE DN ltd is a packaging tape supplier that’s essentially customised with your business details providing a more secure and professionally branded low cost marketing option for you business. Custom tape is a product that is both for external marketing purposes and essential for your products packaging. Over the last 20 years the use of printed tape has grown massively thanks to the internet and e-commerce as more and more businesses are growing due to e-commerce. Custom tape is also known as custom packaging tape.

We produce over a million rolls of printed packaging tape each year, in principle we can print up to 3 colours, which is suitable for 99% of our customers. However for clients that require photo quality tape we can print in 6 colours upon special request.

We manufacture all of our packaging tape in the UK. We have a range of materials that we offer to our clients starting with our Polypropylene substrate.  Polypropylene tape is the most popular tape we manufacture as it is tough, flexible, recyclable and resistant to fatigue.

Polypropylene tape is suitable for general use, sealing and packaging, from lightweight to heavyweight needs. In general, our polypropylene tapes do not easily stretch and conform well to smooth or uneven surfaces. Polypropylene tape is a strong water and abrasion resistant tape.

We also print onto a material called Vinyl. Vinyl (PVC) material has many properties such as the chemical make up of the substrate removes easily, and cleanly without leaving any residue. It also resists wear, weathering and abrasion. Vinyl packaging tape stretches and conforms to shapes and contours very easily whilst being resistant to very cold temperatures and is classed as freezer grade.

Vinyl adhesive tape is generally the easiest to print upon, giving a stronger colour and background than polypropylene. It is usually coated with a solvent based adhesive and is good for general packaging. Vinyl tape has a relatively ‘heavy’ unwind from the roll which tends to be a slow and smooth operation. Multiple colour prints and more detailed artwork are usually best printed upon vinyl.

The third material that we print on is paper tape. Our printed paper tape is 125 microns in thickness overall, we can provide the material as self adhesive or gummed paper, water activated. Another advantage of this material is that it is fully recyclable.

Printed paper tape is excellent for very clear printing. Also with water-soluble, environment-friendly ink. The base material colour for paper tape is either white or brown and we can print up to 3 colours on the substrate.  The main advantage of our Reinforced water activated tape means packages are closed securely with great adhesion. The adhesive bonds instantly to both new and recycled materials. The tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shows if an attempt was made to open the box before delivery.

We can print packaging tape in many various sizes, we can print tape in thicknesses perfect for your desired usage, from bag neck sealing tape sizes from 12 mm to standard 48 mm tapes. We can go all the way up to 144 mm wide with out tape.

The length of the tape on each roll starts at 66 meters per roll, we can go up to a staggering 990 meters a roll, this is called machine tape and is used on taping machines.

So now that you know we know our stuff and have learned about the types of printed adhesive tape we offer feel free to get in contact with our highly experienced custom tape experts today.